NASDEX earns fees in 2 ways.
  • Swaps on NASDEX have a 0.3% fee levy. 0.25% is given to the liquidity provider whereas 0.05% is taken by the protocol.
  • A fee of 1.0% is charged each time collateralized assets are retrieved from CDP, including liquidation and liquidation auctions. The cost is calculated based on the nAsset value at the time of burning.
These fees can be used to provide value accrual to the $NSDX native token. $NSDX holders will be able to get a share of the revenue generated by the NASDEX platform in one of 3 ways
  • Buy back and distribute $NSDX tokens
  • Buy back and burn $NSDX tokens
  • Direct profit sharing
Mechanics of how this profit sharing will work will be decided by the NASDEX DAO at a later stage. At launch all these fees will be sent to the treasury.