Calculation formula

Mint collateral ratio:

C-ratio =(Value of Collateralized asset/ Value of Minting asset)*100%
Asset value=Quantity*Multiplier*Price
Quantity of minting nAssets to be opened a position:

Increase/Decrease margin:

The amount of collateralized assets that can be withdrawn should be kept above the minimum collateral ratio, and the amount that can be withdrawn should minus the fee.

Mint/Burn nAssets:

The quantity exceeding can be extracted from the CDP


The amount of collateralized assets the buyer may receive based on the discount rate (the amount collateralized by paying the minting assets in the position) :
* The remaining unsold collateralized assets will be returned to CDP's owner.

Staking NSDX APR:

Staking NSDX calculates the time-weighted average award for the past 15 days and then annualize:
[Daily NSDX Emission x 365 x NSDX Price x (Pool Weight/Total Pool Weight)]/TVL

LP Mechanism:

Opportunity constancy algorithm X *y= K (initial before trading)
Where X and Y respectively represent the quantity of two kinds of assets in the liquidity pool, and K is the opportunity of the two kinds of assets.
If K is kept constant, x increases and y needs to decrease
Considering the Swap fee (assuming that the Swap fee is p%), the formula is:

Price Slippage:

Create a new pool:

Where x0 and y0 are the initial number of pools
Number of LP added for liquidity minting:
Where x+ and y+ are the increments on both sides of the specific pool


Burn LPtoken to extract asset